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Hello to all you wonderful people following me and following those who follow me, and them, (and by now I’ve covered more than half the population of the US, right? Wow, it is truly humbling.)

My name is Chana Molini. I am a licensed Massage Therapist in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. There is a beach babe lurking in me somewhere, (I decorate with wallpaper of the beaches in the Maldives, for heavens’ sake.) and I have called my business “Coconut Palm Body and SoulWork”. I try to create a sense of peace and wellbeing in all aspects of life; starting with bodywork – massage, energy work (learning Quantum Touch, not certified in that yet...) and CranioSacral therapies and extending to Emotional Freedom Technique (ie. “tapping”) which I call SoulWork.

                I will be writing to you about these things and adding in occasional bits concerning food - cooking and eating it, gardening, keeping chickens, goats and maybe even peafowl.

I deeply hope that you will look forward to and enjoy reading my scribblings. (I might even include occasional fictional pieces, who knows)… I am still writing my future, how about you…?

                I will get into details of conditions that respond well to massage later. I think many people are somewhat familiar with that.  Today I would like to address CranioSacral Therapy as I find that many people look at me with question marks in their eyes after I say the word whenever they ask me what I do.


Several years ago I met an Osteopathic Doctor/Professional Midwife who told me many times that “CranioSacral can fix that.” It seemed at the time that there were few limitations on what CranioSacral therapy could do. After studying this modality of care for a little more than two years, I have come to a conclusion: unless the problem is a broken bone, a nutritional deficiency or due to active tobacco usage, CranioSacral can probably fix that!  I find this nothing short of absolutely amazing!

                CranioSacral therapy requires a very light touch on all parts of the spine – from the various bones of the head through the spine and down to the sacrum; which sits at the “corner” of spine and hipbones, at the bottom of the back and top of the “tush”. If you, or anyone you know, has ever presented to an MD with emotional and physical symptoms that the MD could not correct with drugs and/or surgery, the MD might have told you, or your friend, that it was “all in your head”. The doctor likely sounded like he /she was saying the symptoms are imaginary – there is nothing wrong with you. Actually, the doc could have been correct, just not in the way he meant it. Medical schools in England and the US have taught that once a person grows past young childhood, the bones of the skull fuse together and do not move - the skull is virtually solid bone. The rest of the world has known for ages that the spaces between the bones are somewhat flexible. This means that they can get out of position. When any bone of the skull, vertebrae of the spine or the sacrum get out of its perfect position, the nerves, which emerge from these areas and enervate muscles and organs all over the body, are impaired and developing difficulties. They don’t work right. Naturally, if you can realign those out of synch bones to their proper placement the other problems resolve themselves.

                One issue that disables people frequently is the headache; or worse the migraine headache. These are quite responsive to CranioSacral therapy. There are other, frequently occurring, conditions which respond readily to the light touch of CranioSacral Therapy.

Until next time when I come to you with information about SoulWork (a way to improve emotional issues using the body’s energy system),


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