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Investing in massage/BodyWork is an investment in your health.

I will use any of my skills as needed to give you the massage that will most benefit YOU, depending on how your body is doing. I may do Swedish, Deep Tissue or Myofascial strokes. I may use Hot Stones, Cupping or Quantum Touch. I can do Quantum Touch separate from a massage, if you like. I find that it enhances the hands-on bodywork tremendously.  CranioSacral treatment: I usually do just a bit specifically directed to your needs right then; mixed into a regular massage. The loss of a loved one is frequently felt in the tissues; which means that a good massage will help. Tapping will help too, so we can call it 90 minutes of work and do both. You will certainly not forget your DearOne, but you likely will not dissolve into pieces/tears at something overheard from a passerby. (It happens.)

There are several levels of Energy work that we can do, depending upon what you need. This is the part I call "SoulWork".   I will address a particular issue with Emotional Freedom Technique (aka "Tapping") or, we can tackle the general life issues in 6 sessions.We should talk about this before jumping in. Just call me...

Basically, we all have the same parts of our lives causing us problems. sometimes it is physical health, sometimes relationships don't work well enough and sometimes it is our finances that do not cooperate as we would prefer. I have learned how to address these issues.  Over the course of six sessions, 90% of our core issues can be corrected. I require a six week commitment for this, in order to confirm your dedication to the project. If you undertake to pay for all six sessions up front, you will be there for all six sessions, you will do your part between sessions and you will be successful. Your life will change and you will become much happier, which is why I call it "Happiness Counseling". 

I also give a discount for referrals and a multi-massage purchase discount.

Gift Certificates are available, in person or on the Gift Certificates page on this website.

The website calls this "Energy work" I call it  'Happiness Counseling', If you are at all interested in improving your life in general, or even your marriage, e-mail me or friend my Facebook site and read my blogs (as I get them posted. not much there, yet...) Or research EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique it is a blend of psychology and energy work that works waaaay better than psych alone, no drugs. We talk, we tap and life gets better. What's not to love about that?

I charge $500 for six sessions. Sounds like a lot to you? How much is your future worth to you? This will be the best $500 you ever spent!



Energy Work$60 / 60 minutes
Raindrop Technique$60 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$60 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$90 / 90 minutes
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